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Harp Makers

  A bit about the Luthier

 Keith Harrison has been a professional craftsman for over 45 years.  Combining his experience and skill, he produces a range of beautiful folk harps of 22 to 43 strings.   Contact Keith on + (64) (4) 2338173 or + (64) (27) 454 1647 or via his Website:

 Kim Webby has been crafting harps for over 35 years from his home in Whangarei.  He builds high quality pedal and folk harps which are sought after worldwide.  
Kim can be contacted by mail at:  
28 Cockburn St.  Onerahi, Whangarei, New Zealand
or by telephone/fax at + (64) (9) 436 0185

Kim Webby Harp Maker

 Shane Stewart, a composite boat builder by trade, builds harps using both traditional and advanced materials and techniques to produce high quality harps for beginners and advanced players.  Shane is also an authorised distributor of K&K Sound (USA) pickups for harps and advice on amplification.  Contact Shane on + (64) (21) 024 76 843 or via his Website:



KBB Music carries Dusty Strings Harps.  Their website link is:

  KBB Music

   Lewis Eady carries Aoyama Harps.  Their website link is:
 Harpitree carry Harpsicles.  Their website link is: harpitree
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