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New Zealand Harp Society

Meet The Committee

President:   Ingrid Bauer (Auckland)

I own two L&H Style 30 concert grands. One is the NZSO's old harp and was my first pedal harp, and the other I got in 2006 when I outgrew the older harp's sound.

I first said I wanted to play the harp aged 4 1/2, and started lessons with Carolyn Mills in Wellington when I was 11. I did my BMus at VUW with Carolyn and then went on to further studies in Australia and Toronto. I came back home to NZ as a freelance professional in 2013, and in 2018 I was appointed to the position of Principal Harp with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. I now have a busy performance schedule alongside my private harp teaching.

I also have a Masters degree in Philosophy, and in my spare time (and in orchestra rehearsals during the rests!) I love to knit.

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Secretary: Rhiannon Swift (Taranaki)

As of very recently, I’m the proud owner of three harps! I’ve owned my Doug Eaton 36-string harp (pictured) since 2011, and in the last month she is joined by a Lyon & Healy 85CG and a 22-string Triplett Zephyr harp. This year I was lucky to have my Doug Eaton with me while performing boiler inspections in Christchurch, and I really enjoyed the acoustics of the workshop where I was living!

I like to be a bit of a nomad: I am living overseas in Queensland, Australia at present during the border closure, after coming back for my best friend’s wedding (playing harp, of course!). When I’m in NZ, I am based in Christchurch. I enjoy playing at weddings and other occasions for people, because it’s a great excuse to travel and have a harpy holiday!! I always get a kick out of the positive reactions from people who love the sound and the aesthetics of the harp. It also sparks interesting conversations with other people about their own musical stories.

I have been playing harp for 9 years. I first fell in love with harp in 2007 after seeing a video for “Sprout and the Bean” by Joanna Newsom on an Australian music TV program, “Rage”.

The beautiful thing about the harp for me is the personal joy and satisfaction, the wonderful people I have met through the harp community, and the opportunity to learn about life and music from my wonderful harp teacher, Ingrid. Music is a great puzzle that will mystify and entertain me for my whole life.

My mission is to always have harp playing and music in my life to some extent, create beautiful music and help people feel enriched through music.

Treasurer:  Bronwyn McConchie (Auckland)

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Membership, Website, Social Media:  Becky Swan (Rodney, Auckland)

I currently own two harps: a Rees Aberdeen Meadow 36 string harp and a Rees Morgan Meadow 23 string lap harp (pictured to the right). 

I first wanted to play the harp when I was 9, we couldn't afford a harp so I took up the viola instead.  Therese Elder Wunrow was the harpist in our youth symphony and I never lost the desire to play and loved the opportunities I got to hear her play.   After graduating from university and working for a year I got my first harp, a Salvi Daphne petite pedal harp.   I took lessons ins Chicago, then moved for work and stopped playing much due to other life pressures, I then moved to San Francisco and studied with Marjorie Chauvel before work became all consuming.   I sold my harp when we decided to sell up everything and go sailing for a bit. My husband tired of my saying I miss my harp, and surprised me with my 23 string lap harp which I enjoyed playing whilst we sailed the South Pacific.  The harp is a fantastic icebreaker when travelling!   After landing in New Zealand I attended one of Anna and Lisas Harpenz and started getting involved again.  A few years later, after being part of starting a robotics company which was then sold, I got my first Aberdeen Meadows.    

Outside of being a professional research and development engineer who enjoys being part of startup companies,  I also once liked to draw and have resumed the hobby of drawing and painting again during lockdown.

Journal (not committee position): Anna Dunwoodie (Auckland)

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Diversity:  Maria Oxnam (Nelson)

I own several harps starting with a paraceltic harp that I built in 2004. I Also have a Keith Harrison 35 string lever (Elizabeth model), Max Cherry 34 string lever, x2 harp of the South (Ketih Harrison) 26 string partially levered harpsicles, An Early Music shop 29 string levered harp, a 26 string Fulliscle levered harp and most recently, a 42 string Etude, Aoyama Concert pedal harp.

I've grown to love all things harp over the years and my daughters, Hannah (9 yrs old) and Ella (7 yrs old) are students of the harp. I have studied with Annemieke Harmonie (Nelson) and currently the girls and I are students of Natalia Mann (Cairns). This year, I have also studied through online learning with Amanda Whiting (Wales), Anna Dunwoodie (Auckland) taking part in her Tuesday tunes sessions and with Josh Layne (Canada) participating in his recent workshop series.

I was in a jazz ensemble through Hagley Community College as a vocalist with harpist Bele Malik in 2003. I started to play the harp after building my first and for several years I was self-taught until Bele introduced me to Annemieke Harmonie Jan 2014.

I have been a sponsor of the NZ Harp Competition for 3  years following placing first in Grade 2/3 category in the first year of the competition in 2015. I have played in a harp orchestra in Nelson, in the community and will shortly, return to playing in the community again.

I am keen to support children of Maori / Pasifika descent to learn harp and enhance and expand our harping community here in the top of the south, Te tau Ihu o te waka a Maui and across Aotearoa. .

I was a Women's Advocate for Women's Refuge in Whakatu (Nelson) and am currently training to support and teach Te Reo Maori with Te Ataarangi

I am a keen bee enthusiast and Hannah, Ella and I co-own a beehive in Nelson with two other whanau. We are also members of the Nelson Beekeepers club.


Lana Breed (Auckland),

My name is Lana Breed and I combine my passion for teaching with my playing career. As a solo artist, I perform on Pedal and Irish harps throughout Auckland. I was born in Russia, studied the harp from the age of 8 at a music school, then at a music college, and graduated from the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. After graduating I began teaching the harp to my first class of six students and ever since then knew that teaching music and sharing it with people was my calling in life. I have taught in Moscow, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, and finally New Zealand, where I moved to in 2011.

I also teach harp, piano, and music theory privately to people of all ages and levels - from beginner to advanced - in my studio in Te Atatu South, Auckland. Our ensemble "Magic Strings" takes part in Christmas concerts in retirement villages.

I have a small harp with 22 strings, 30 strings, 32 strings and 37 strings with levers, and a Salvi professional concert harp.

I have a hobby, I am a beekeeper.


Cherie Maffey (Marlborough)

I live in Marlborough, in the Onamalutu Valley, which is around 20 minutes out of Blenheim. I own 2 harps, a Kim Webby minstrel 34 string and Davy Stuart 27 string. I decided to buy a harp after going to a concert and seeing the harp played for the first time and thought it was something I would like to do. I joined the harp society after meeting Helen Webby at the Mussell Inn over at Takaka. I used to play with a friend guitarist but she decided to stop playing so I had also not played for some years. This year during lockdown I joined DHC’s harp academy in America on-line and currently learning jazz, blues and improvisation which I love.

I have several interests and hobbies outside music. I’m farming with my partner and we are re-generating a 100 acre block with natives, so that’s ongoing, love my animals - Angora goats, sheep, cats, dogs, chooks. I’m involved with creative fibre - felting, and exhibit my work. We love the outdoors and go around the country in our motorhome.

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