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Upcoming events

    • 10 May 2018
    • 22 Nov 2018
    • 6 sessions
    • Auckland Town Hall

    In the APO line up this year the harp has interesting and/or featured portions of each of the below concerts:

    Thursday 10 May 7:30 p.m. Auckland Town Hall, for information and tickets see: 

    Friday 20 July 7:30 p.m. Auckland Town Hall, for information and tickets see: 

    Thursday 27 September 7:30 p.m. Auckland Town Hall: (for Scheherazade)

    Thursday 25 October 8:00 p.m. Auckland Town Hall: (for the Bartok)

    Thursday 15 November 8:00 p.m. Auckland Town Hall: (for the Mahler works)

    Thursday  22 November, 6:30 p.m., Auckland Town Hall: (harp cadenza)

    • 30 Aug 2018
    • 29 Nov 2018
    • 4 sessions
    • Harmonie Harp School, 6 Washbourn Drive, Nelson Lakes

    Join Annemieke for an evening with live harp music and words woven together and journey into yourself. 

    For Details see

    • 03 Sep 2018
    • 30 Sep 2018
    • Various

    In September Helen Webby is touring small towns of NZ. 

    For full tour details check out the Arts On Tour NZ website: 

    Below you will find for each location a link with more information and ticketing (where I could find it online), the ones not listed will be added as I find the data.  I suspect many will be on closer to the date.

    "Helen loves to take her harp out of the orchestra and on the road where she can share the music and stories related to this magical musical instrument.

    On her latest AOTNZ tour she’ll be showcasing the Celtic music of Wales, Ireland and Scotland, along with some glorious Baroque music by J.S. Bach, and then on to Paris and La Belle Epoche with the music of Claude Debussy and Gabriel Faure.

    The first half of programme is a mini history of the pedal harp, with pieces chosen to show the development of the double action pedal harp, invented by Frenchman Sebastien Erard.

    The second half showcases the Blue Carbonfibre Celtic harp, with music from Brittany, Scotland and Ireland. As well, the Concert harp is plugged in for some jazz surprises – ‘Duke’, inspired by Duke Ellington, and Mozart’s ‘Alla Turca Jazz’.

    Helen is also looking forward to playing music written for her solo CD ‘Pluck’ by New Zealand film composer Mark Smythe, nominated for Best Classical CD in the 2013 Music awards, and made into a DVD film ‘Harps Make Fine Companions’, screened by Television New Zealand.

    Her programme includes a couple of surprises –a recently discovered harp composition by the father of NZ classical music, Douglas Lilburn, and ‘Blue Smoke’ by Ruru Karaitiana, the first piece of recorded New Zealand music.

    Helen plays the Concert Grand, made out of South Island red beech by her brother, well known harp maker Kim Webby, and the Blue carbon fibre Celtic harp, made by luthier Davy Stuart.

    Helen Webby

    Born in Whangarei, Helen’s passion for the harp began at the age of 12 when her older brother Kim built her an instrument. She studied Concert Harp in Auckland, Holland and Germany and in 1996 completed her master’s degree from the Hochschule for Music in Hamburg. Since 2000, Helen has been Principal Harp with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and also plays with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as well as other orchestras. She premiered New Zealand works at the 2006 American Harp Society Convention and also tours with Chamber Music New Zealand.


    • Monday 3 September 7pm Lincoln  POSTER

    The Laboratory

    $20 over the bar or 03 325 3006

    • Tuesday 4 September 7.30pm Geraldine  POSTER

    St Mary’s Church, Talbot St

    $20 Book: LOUK Clothing (No Eftpos)

    • Wednesday 5 September 2pm Bannockburn POSTER

    Coronation Hall

    $10 Tickets on the door

    • Thursday 6 September 7.30pm Wanaka

    Armstrong Room, Lake Wanaka Centre

    $25 Phone to book: 03 4439037/021 481 358

    • Friday 7 September 7.30pm Gore POSTER

    Eastern Southland Gallery

    Adult $25, Members $20, Students $10

    Book: Eastern Southland Gallery

    • Saturday 8 September 8pm Invercargill  POSTER

    Masonic Lodge

    $25 Book: Ticket direct

    • Sunday 9 September 7.30pm (Doors 7pm) Dunnedin POSTER

    New Edinburgh Folk Club, “50 Dundas” St

    GA $25, Concessions $20, DFC members $15

    • Wednesday 12 September 7.30pm Nelson POSTER

    Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

    $30 Book: NCMZ, i-Site, Richmond Mall


    • Thursday 13 September 7.30pm Wellington POSTER

    Hannah Playhouse

    Adult $35,Student (with ID) $30, Seniors $30, Groups of 6 or more $30

    Groups of 15 or more $25 (Service fees apply)


    • Friday 14 September 7.30pm New Plymouth POSTER

    4th Wall Theatre

    Adult $25, Student $10


    • Saturday 15 September 7.30pm Coromandel POSTER

    The Club Woollams Ave

    $25, Concessions $20

    Book: The Information Centre Coromandel

    • Wednesday 19 September 8pm Norsewood POSTER

    The Old Dairy Factory

    $20 on the door

    • Thursday 20 September Dinner 6.30pm for 7.30pm Waipawa POSTER

    CHB Municipal Theatre

    $25 plus Dinner add on $20


    • Saturday 22 September Dinner from 6pm for 8pm Mapua POSTER

    The Playhouse Theatre

    $20 Book: The Playhouse

    • Sunday 23 September 8pm Onekaka

    The Mussel Inn

    $15 on the door

    • Tuesday 25 September 8pm Barrytown POSTER

    Barrytown Hall

    $20 door sales(cash)

    • Wednesday 26 September 7.30pm Hokitika POSTER

    Old Lodge Theatre

    $20 Book: Hokitika’s Regent Theatre

    • Sunday 30 September 4pm Darfield POSTER

    Selwyn Gallery

    Adult $25, Student $15

    Book: Selwyn Gallery 03 3188 702


    Arts On Tour NZ (AOTNZ) organises tours of outstanding New Zealand performers to rural and smaller centres in New Zealand. The trust receives funding from Creative New Zealand as well as support from Central Lakes Trust, Community Trust of Southland, Interislander, Otago Community Trust, Rata Foundation and the Southern Trust. AOTNZ liaises with local arts councils, repertory theatres and community groups to bring the best of musical and theatrical talent to country districts. The AOTNZ programme is environmentally sustainable – artists travel to their audiences rather than the reverse."

    • 22 Sep 2018
    • 6:30 PM

    Jo-Ying Huang will be playing principal harp.




    Sat 22 September at 6:30pm

    • 23 Sep 2018
    • 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
    • Globe Theatre, Cnr Main and Pitts St, Palmerston North

    For details see:

    "The Globe concert series has gained a reputation for presenting programmes of particular interest for lovers of good music, and the next programme in the series on Sunday September 23 will surely reinforce that judgment.

    Diana Neild, flute and Anne-Gaëlle Ausseil, harp, have been playing together for 10 years. In 2016 when they performed together as part of the Te Manawa concert series such was the enthusiastic response from patrons that many were disappointed to be turned away.

    The Gallery did not have the seating capacity to accommodate all who turned up. Now that the series has been transferred to the Globe more music lovers will be able to enjoy the pair, but people are still advised to come early. Joining the pair in this concert will be Diana’s daughter Sylvia who will be playing viola.

    The trio are based separately in Wellington, Hamilton and Palmerston North, and they sometimes feel that rehearsing this concert has surely kept Air NZ in business!

    Anne-Gaelle started playing at 7, and studied in France for 13 years at the Conservatoire des Yvelines near Versailles, under Marie-Monique Popesco. She and her husband arrived in NZ with two backpacks sixteen years ago from France, and decided to make their home here. She is a scientist with Landcare Wellington and says she is doing her best to save the planet.

    Diana Neild studied flute many years ago with Amelia Skinner and Nancy Luther Jara, and never quite gave up the habit despite being sidetracked by writing children's books. The author of the Piggity-Wiggity series, Diana is a nationally recognized children's author, and is an unflinching advocate for live music.

    She developed a love of playing chamber music through playing with local musicians and with her children, and plays flute in Trio Bella, and flute and saxophone in functions band Moxy.

    Violist Sylvia Neild is currently in her final year of a Bachelor’s of Music at Waikato University studying with Lara Hall. Being a Palmerston North girl she played in the Manawatu Youth Orchestra and numerous local productions, as well as being part of the National Youth Orchestra and Adam Summer Schools. She is a long-time lover of chamber music. With a fondness for history and poetry she also enjoys pestering those same friends and families with short lectures on the subject.

    Their concert at the Globe Theatre will make a feature of music from France, since the combination of flute and harp naturally suggests a French flavour. Highlights will include Debussy’s sonata for flute, viola and harp, and arrangements of two pieces from his Suite Bergamasque including his most popular piece – Clair de Lune."  Above taken from Eventfinda (

    • 28 Sep 2018
    • 7:30 PM
    • The Piano: Centre for Music and the Arts, 156 Armagh Street , Christchurch

    "A Zonta fund-raising concert for PADA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa) featuring Fiona Pears, violinist and composer, Helen Webby, Principal Harp with the Christchurch Symphony and Steve Thomas, bard and raconteur."

    For tickets see:

    • 13 Oct 2018
    • 2:00 PM
    • Snells Beach, New Zealand
    Our next Harp Circle will be on Saturday 13 October, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. ish-  at Becky’s (I’m going to try doing these monthly during the school terms and see how it goes).   

    Let me know if you are interested in attending, or know of other harpists that would be!  

    Bring your own harp, tuner, tuning key and music stand.  

    Bring a plate to share, tea will be provided.

    We’ll play some tunes together, have a break for some tea and then gently encourage any attendees (who want to) to perform a tune - for a very friendly audience (ourselves).  

    We’ve got a google drive folder started with some tunes in it, and in the majority will use that for the tunes we play together.  If you have something you’d like added and it’s either public domain or you have permission just send it along and I’ll add it.  If you want to bring printouts of a tune you’d like to try as a group, bring it along (ask a few days before hand and I’ll let you know how many we expect).

    If you are interested, please let Becky know.  

    A Harp Circle is an informal gathering of harpists (or harpers, if you prefer), which can take many forms.  The one thing they all have in common is the sharing of music.  

    Our typical harp circle might start with a general meet-and-greet (which often involves people trying out each other’s harps), and everyone making sure their harps are tuned.  Bringing an electronic tuner is wise for this part, since there may be a lot of background noise (this is where tuning pickups really earn their keep!), and everyone will want to be at the same pitch (A=440, or concert pitch, is standard in most areas).

    This is often followed by learning one or more group pieces - arranged at various levels of capability.  Parts, in our case, will  in the majority be on google drive please bring the printed versions with you; or available in printed format on the day if it’s not on the drive.

    Typically it will be as casual as someone  saying "let's try this one!" and handing around some sheet music if it isn't on the drive.  Sometimes this group participation might take the form of a more formalized workshop, with a specific topic - currently not thinking of this but we could if people are interested.

    At the mid-point will be a welcome break for munchies and socializing (participants are encouraged to bring contributions of snacks). 

    After the break, there may be more group playing, but often this is the stage for the “once-around-the-circle”, where people are free to play a piece of their choosing.  This can be a great opportunity for shy and inexperienced players, or those with dreadful performance nerves, to try something out in public for the first time, in front of a small and sympathetic friendly audience.  It can also be a chance for more experienced players to try out something new, or play their latest piece.  It certainly never hurts to get a healthy boost to the old self esteem, in the comforting company of peers!  However, all players will be encouraged to pick something relatively short, so everyone who wants to has a chance to play.

    The performance part, is strictly voluntary.  The idea of harp circles is to have fun, in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.  Players can feel free to participate as much or as little as they like.  For the complete beginner, sometimes it’s great to just be able to meet other harpers and see different harps, even if you’re a bit too shy to try playing along the first time.

    • 14 Oct 2018
    • 4:00 PM

    Sunday 14 October, 4pm – The Amici Ensemble, all members of the NZSO, led by Donald Armstrong, will play music by Mozart, Selina Fisher, Debussy and Ravel. The Ensemble changes its combinations each year, and the 2018 group will include string quartet, clarinet, flute and harp.

    Contact Ed and Juliet Cooke by email on to receive a concert brochure.

    • 19 Oct 2018
    • 09 Nov 2018
    • various

    Maire and Chris are returning to NZ later this year … firstly as guests at the Wellington Folk Festival (Labour Weekend) and secondly to collect Maire’s new harp from Stewart Harps – ironically, last time they were here in 2016, Chris picked up (yet another) guitar made by Nelson based Luthier, Davy Stuart (who is Helen Webby’s duo partner (see advert earlier) and makes harps as well!). It’s awesome for the kiwi instrument makers to see their harps and guitars going to overseas homes!! Some tour dates are still to be confirmed, but this far we have confirmed: 

    • 19-21 October Wellington Folk Festival 
    • 22 October (Monday) Wellington workshop for harpers 
    • 24 October (Wed) 4th Wall Theatre, Taranaki 
    • 26 October (Fri) The Incubator, Tauranga 
    • 27 October (Sat) Hamilton concert– venue TBC – workshop TBC 
    • 1 November (Thur) Whakatane concert venue TBC 
    • 2 November (Fri) Auckland Irish Club – Rocky Nook 
    • 4 November (Sat) 4pm concert – Selwyn Heights Retirement Village 
    • 9 November (Fri) Nelson concert contact Annemieke (
    • 29 Oct 2018
    • 1:10 PM
    • The Arts Centre of Christchurch, 2 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch
    • 07 Jan 2019
    • 12 Jan 2019

    It's that time again - Ingrid's biannual Summer Harp Week is now open for registration. It will be held on the Kapiti Coast from January 7th to January 12th, 2019. This is a great chance for students of all ages and levels to have lessons, make friends, and make a holiday out of it as well!

    I have attached the brochure for your interest.  

    It can also be viewed on Ingrid's website here:   

    This year Participants can now register online using the form on my website:

    First in, first served! Applications close on Oct 1st, 2018.

    • 18 Jan 2019
    • 20 Jan 2019
    • Tauranga

    Therapy Harp Training Program Retreat in NZ!

    From 18 Jan to 20 Jan 2019.  It sounds fantastic, check out the  details here:

Past events

16 Sep 2018 Amici Ensemble
08 Sep 2018 NZ Music of the 80's
02 Sep 2018 CANCELED NZ Harp Duo at Kapiti Playhouse
02 Sep 2018 Amici Ensemble - Waikanae
26 Aug 2018 PARP! in Warkworth
26 Aug 2018 CANCELLED NZ Harp Duo live at Moon Bar
26 Aug 2018 Songs & Dance Music From Renaissance Europe
25 Aug 2018 Parp! House concert Grey Lynn
23 Aug 2018 Parp! in Howick 23 Aug 7 p.m.
18 Aug 2018 Lamb and Hayward Masterworks Myths and Legends
04 Aug 2018 Monteverdi's opera "Orfeo"
28 Jul 2018 100 Harps! Auckland Harp Expo
22 Jul 2018 Mulled Wine Concerts- Helen Webby and Davy Stuart
21 Jul 2018 Ina Yoon performing in charity concert
20 Jul 2018 Music for Celtic harp & guitar
08 Jul 2018 Harp Recital in Ashburton!
16 Jun 2018 Live Harp Relaxation Performance
14 Jun 2018 Norðan
09 Jun 2018 Orchestra Wellington
19 May 2018 Alexander Technique Workshops - Auckland, Wellington and ChCh
09 May 2018 TORU 2018 CMNZ Tour
04 May 2018 Pt Chevalier Library Music Month
30 Apr 2018 Seven Harp Ensemble All Australian Programme
28 Apr 2018 Seven Harp Ensemble at Canberra Intl Music Festival
19 Apr 2018 NZSO, Berlioz, Debussy and Ravel
11 Apr 2018 Duo Eolienne at St Andrews
06 Apr 2018 NZSO Mozart and Mahler
31 Mar 2018 Concert Amongst the Arts
23 Mar 2018 Harp Retreat
11 Mar 2018 Mulled Wine and Toru
22 Feb 2018 Time for Tea at Alberton
11 Feb 2018 CANCELLED Music In the Parks: Te Anahera Harp Ensemble
31 Jan 2018 Esther Swift Tour
06 Jan 2018 BlueMountain Harp Summer School
16 Dec 2017 Napier Concert including Mozarts concerto for flute and harp
15 Dec 2017 Sorry This has been canceled Toru at Karori Klassics Series
10 Dec 2017 Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major, Puccini Messa di Gloria
06 Dec 2017 Toru at the Tuatara Third Eye Brewery Classical Sessions
29 Nov 2017 Christchurch Harp Orchestra and Friends
26 Nov 2017 Parp! presents: Opposites Attract Auckland
25 Nov 2017 Parp! in Te Awamutu
23 Nov 2017 Parp! In Katikati
12 Nov 2017 Sound Healing Journey
04 Nov 2017 Orchestra Wellington: Petrouchka
04 Nov 2017 Aorangi Symphony Orchestra
04 Nov 2017 Singing For Our Lives
03 Nov 2017 Harmonie Harp Orchestra
28 Oct 2017 Olde Hallows Eve Event
25 Oct 2017 Toru at St Marks Wesley Church Lunchtime Concert
23 Oct 2017 Cantana Memoria for the children of Aberfan Wellington Premier
18 Oct 2017 Churton Park Seniors Tea
14 Oct 2017 Hamilton Civic Choir Presents Faure' requiem
08 Oct 2017 NZHS AGM Meeting
06 Oct 2017 NZSO Berlioz, Harold in Italy
30 Sep 2017 Dunedin Symphony: International Series 3
17 Sep 2017 Te Anahera performs as part of Dante Alighieri Chamber Concert Series
09 Sep 2017 Orchestra Wellington: Invititation to the Dance
06 Sep 2017 Healing Voice and Celtic Harp
01 Sep 2017 Ingrid Bauer performing in the 44th Intl Viola Congress
26 Aug 2017 Auckland Harp Orchestra Retirement Village Concert
20 Aug 2017 NZ Harp Duo- Adventure and Fantasy
19 Aug 2017 NZ Harp Duo- Adventure and Fantasy
13 Aug 2017 Harp Ensemble Gliss
13 Aug 2017 Les Bons Vivants
13 Aug 2017 NZ Harp Duo, "Adventure and Fantasy", Lower Hutt
11 Aug 2017 NZSO Presents Mahler & Berg
02 Aug 2017 NZ Harp Duo at The Third Eye
08 Jul 2017 Love, Loss & Cafe Operana
30 Jun 2017 Beneath the Midnight Sun
24 Jun 2017 Manukau Symphony Orchestra Romance
15 Jun 2017 Natalia Mann, David Long, Richard Nunns- Album Launch
03 Jun 2017 Concert: Te Pūru the Golden Bull Lyre
02 Jun 2017 Duo Eolienne (Saxaphone and Harp)
02 Jun 2017 Exhibition of Utterance album sound and film installation
20 May 2017 Singing for our lives
14 May 2017 Mothers Day at the Esplanade (Yi Jin and Luca Manghi, harp and flute)
30 Apr 2017 NZ Harp Duo - Lower Hutt
22 Apr 2017 NZ Harp Duo - St Peters on Willis
19 Apr 2017 Harpenz 2017
12 Apr 2017 NZ Harp Duo at St Andrews on the Terrace
10 Apr 2017 Wahine 49th Anniversary
09 Apr 2017 NZ Harp Duo Futuna Chapel Karori
28 Mar 2017 Harp From the Celtic Northwest - Havelock
25 Mar 2017 Harp From the Celtic Northwest - New Plymouth
21 Mar 2017 Harp From the Celtic Northwest - Coromandel
19 Mar 2017 Harp From the Celtic Northwest - Thames
14 Mar 2017 Harp From the Celtic Northwest -Upper Hutt
24 Feb 2017 Eduard Klassen Harpist and Speaker (Seventh Day Adventist)
24 Feb 2017 High Tea At Alberton
18 Feb 2017 Harp and Voice Recital in Nelson
25 Jan 2017 Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
24 Jan 2017 Peria Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
23 Jan 2017 Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
23 Jan 2017 Harp workshop with Máire ní Chathasaigh (half day)
22 Jan 2017 Auckand Harp Workshop with Máire ní Chathasaigh (Intermediate to Advanced)
21 Jan 2017 Auckland Harp Workshop with Máire ní Chathasaigh (Beginners up to Grade 3'ish)
20 Jan 2017 Auckland Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
20 Jan 2017 Folkalyptica at International Akaroa Music Festival 2017
17 Jan 2017 Katikati Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
16 Jan 2017 Hamilton House Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
14 Jan 2017 Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
11 Jan 2017 Wellington House Concert: Máire ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
09 Jan 2017 Summer Harp Week 2017
08 Jan 2017 Nelson Concert: Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
07 Jan 2017 Nelson Harp Workshop with Máire Ní Chathasaigh
06 Jan 2017 Christchurch Harp Workshop with Máire Ní Chathasaigh
05 Jan 2017 Christchurch house concert: Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
04 Jan 2017 Wanaka Concert: Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman in Nelson
03 Jan 2017 Dunedin Harp Workshop with Máire Ní Chathasaigh
30 Dec 2016 Chris Newman & Máire Ní Chathasaigh
03 Dec 2016 Britten's A Ceremony of Carols
03 Dec 2016 Harp in the Park at Blockhouse Bay (Anna Dunwoodie)
30 Nov 2016 Christchurch Harp Orchestra and Friends
19 Nov 2016 Kapiti Concert Orchestra
13 Nov 2016 Te Anahera NZ Harp Ensemble at Parnell Festival of Roses
07 Nov 2016 Songs of the Soul Auckland
06 Nov 2016 Songs of the Soul Christchurch
28 Oct 2016 Michelle Velvin and Geneviève Davidson at Old St Paul's
16 Oct 2016 NZ Harp Duo Lower Hutt
09 Oct 2016 NZ Harp Duo Paekakariki
08 Oct 2016 NZ Harp Duo Wellington
11 Sep 2016 Music of the low countries
10 Sep 2016 Joy Sun Harp & Piano Recital in Ashburton
03 Sep 2016 Annual General Meeting Harp Society of New Zealand
03 Sep 2016 Auckland Harp Orcehstra and Beginner Harp Ensemble
28 Aug 2016 Harp Concert -!! POSTPONED NEW DATE TO BE ADVISED !!
25 Aug 2016 Open House - Solo Recital and Talk (Retired over 60's only)
21 Aug 2016 Poetry At The Fringe
21 Aug 2016 Canterbury Philharmonia Concert
14 Aug 2016 Music at the Pines
26 Jul 2016 Colour, key and chromaticism in the development of the modern pedal harp.
22 Jul 2016 NZ Chamber Music Open Stage
09 Jul 2016 Auckland Harp Orchestra
28 Jun 2016 St Pauls Lunchtime concert with Harp & Saxaphone
26 Jun 2016 Evening of Irish Music & Dance: Traditional and Contemporary
24 Jun 2016 TGIF Ingrid Bauer and Peter Maunder
12 Jun 2016 Leys Orchestra Winter Concert with Harpist Helen Tang
12 Jun 2016 jolt presents Fish Multiple sessions from 12 to 17 June
03 Jun 2016 Harp Attack with Helen Webby
02 Jun 2016 Pataka Matariki: NZ Harp Duo
01 Jun 2016 Classical Music Session - The NZ Harp Duo
29 May 2016 Autumn Concert at Rudolf Steiner School
24 May 2016 Music Therapy Symposium - Not harp related but thought some may be interested
22 May 2016 NZ Harp Duo
16 May 2016 JOLT presents Fish
14 May 2016 Folk Under The Mountain
13 May 2016 Musical Mentors- Helen Webby - Harp Recital
08 May 2016 Harps and Flowers for Mothers' Day
08 May 2016 Toru at Greytown Music
06 May 2016 Harp Retreat - West Auckland
30 Apr 2016 They Also Serve Stories and Songs of NZ Women in WWI
23 Apr 2016 Christina Tourin Introductory Workshop on Therapeutic music and Concert
16 Apr 2016 They Also Serve: Cathie Harrop and Ilona Rogers
10 Apr 2016 Commemoration of the 48th Anniversary of the Wahine Storm and Disaster
08 Apr 2016 Toru at TGIF lunchtime series
06 Apr 2016 Classical Music Sessions
02 Apr 2016 The Lyre of Tauranga
25 Mar 2016 Christchurch Music Festival 2016
17 Mar 2016 Les Bons Vivants
07 Mar 2016 Les Bon Vivants
06 Mar 2016 Colours of Futuna Concert Series: Michelle Velvin and Jennifer Newth
05 Mar 2016 Grafia Summer House Concert
21 Feb 2016 No Regrets
20 Feb 2016 Piano, Harp & Positiv Concert; Bluff Music Festival
16 Dec 2015 Twas the Night Before Christmas
29 Nov 2015 Harp Concert - Wellington
28 Nov 2015 Harp Orchestra Christchurch Christmas Chairty Concert
22 Nov 2015 Michelle Velvin National Chamber Music Competition Preliminaries
21 Nov 2015 HIGHWIC Garden Festival
15 Nov 2015 Triple and Lever Harp Concert
14 Nov 2015 Celtic Music from Nova Scotia
14 Nov 2015 Opposites Attract
06 Nov 2015 Voices NZ Chamber Choir with harpist Helen Webby
22 Oct 2015 Sasha Henderson, Recital for Univ of Canterbury Stage 3 Performance
21 Oct 2015 Ingrid Bauer and Rebecca Steel Music for flute and harp
03 Oct 2015 Supertonic presents "Fighting in the Dancehall"
20 Sep 2015 Palmerston North: Sunday Concert Series
19 Sep 2015 Auckland Harp Orchestra Concert directed by Anna Dunwoodie
06 Sep 2015 Golden Season Concert
06 Sep 2015 String Wizardry Tour
05 Sep 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Harp Society of New Zealand
09 Aug 2015 Music and Dance at the Pines
26 Jul 2015 The Sound Of Wellington Youth Music 2015 with Guest Artist Carolyn Mills
24 Jul 2015 Chamber in the Church
19 Jul 2015 Bastille Day Concert: DU PAIX ET D'ESPERANCE
16 Jul 2015 Christchurch Masterclass
21 Jun 2015 Helen Webby and Davy Stuart Kapiti Coast
24 May 2015 Garden City Orchestra Concert (guest performance from Christchurch Harp Orchestra)
23 May 2015 Auckland Master Class with Carolyn Mills
20 May 2015 Madeleine Crump - Lunchtime Recital Series Hamilton
19 May 2015 NZSH Orchestra - Including Soloist Jennifer Newth playing Ginastera Harp Concerto
10 May 2015 A Garland of Songs for Mothers Day
09 May 2015 Splendour
09 May 2015 Plucking at the Library
18 Apr 2015 Harpenz Concert
15 Apr 2015 Harpenz 2015
19 Feb 2015 Auckland Harp Sampling
17 Feb 2015 Eduard Klaussen in Blenheim
31 Jan 2015 Quintessence
23 Jan 2015 Pole to Pole in the New World
05 Jan 2015 Summer Harp Week
13 Dec 2014 A Ceremony of Carols
29 Nov 2014 Auckland Harp Orchestra Concert
29 Nov 2014 One Day Workshop Hamilton
09 Nov 2014 Performance Workshop (Wellington)
09 Oct 2014 Harp Companions Lunch Time Concert

For Members who know about an event that should be added please contact us  and let us know or post it in the Public News or Members' Only section of the website.  These events are not necessarily put on by NZHS but may be of interest to the entire harp community. 

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