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19st Waring Harp for Sale

  • 05 May 2020 6:10 PM
    Message # 8947257

    Harpitree NZ is an official distributor or waring harp.  

    This harp was built by Harpitree NZ with Waring Harp Kit (USA).  

    It is made with cardboard soundboard,  
    French Vanilla paint,  
    Wooden part has a gloss finish. 

    When painted, it is resistant even to rain. Treat it like any musical instrument and it will last many, many years. The hardwood frame is comprised of the string rib, pillar, and neck. Nineteen strings allow for over a two-octave range, enough to accommodate the playing of most any song. Zither pins (with tuning wrench) will provide tension for tuning the nylon strings. 

    It has beautiful bright tone, 
    Durable as a normal wooden harp  
    Comes with tuning key.  

    *please check the photos thoroughly for the paint finish, return/refund is not possible for this product. A view before a bid is possible at Level 2 and below only*

    More photos and info,

    5 files

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