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Celebrating Diversity

Diversity is a word that encompasses many ideas.   

When applied to humans, it often refers to the simple fact that we are all individuals.   However that is a view of an individualist culture.  As people in individualist cultures typically define themselves by their personality traits and characteristics . 

In a collective cultures people typically define themselves in terms of their social relationships and social roles.  Even the concept of diversity takes on a different meaning based on cultural expectations and experience!   

Diversity covers so many aspects of our lives from race, culture, gender, religion or atheism, sexual orientation, education, skills, social roles, and countless other domains.   Diversity also encompasses concepts such as experiences, interests,  genres of music and even types of harps!   All of these help to foster creativity and innovation among all people. 

Adding to this musicians around the world are able to collaborate like never before, and it is this creativity that brings so much more to the world of harp!

We hope to be able to share with you stories from both our members and other harpists around the world to inspire and show the great diversity in our greater community of harpists and future harpists!

  • Maria Oxnam is a NZ Harp Society member, has the diversity role within the NZHS committee and is  personally leading an initiative, supported by the NZ Harp Society and others, to engage the Maori and Pacifica Communities with the harp. 

Links below for more information:

 Nā te reta aroha ki te roopū hāpa o AotearoNā Maria Oxnam (A Letter of love from Maria Oxnam)

 Diversity Initiative Updates

  • Natalia Mann, Patron of the NZ Harp Society (coming soon)
  • Angelica Hairston, Founder of Challenge the Stats

Challenge the Stats Founder Angelica Hairston is passionate about creating spaces that support diversity, inclusion, and equity in the performing arts.   Angelica is known for her fiery performances and passion for change.  She is a highly regarded harpists, educator and advocate.

Read about Angelica and Challenge the stats

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