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The Harp Society of New Zealand Grants Programme


In February 2012, a Grants Fund was established by The Harp Society of New Zealand (“Harp Society)”. The purpose of the fund is to provide grants to Harp Society members for harp related activities. The Harp Society proposed offering two (2) grants of $150 each during the Harp Society’s financial year (1 July to 30 June).

Grants awarded to date include contributions to venue hire for education programmes, attendance at international harp events or education, recording of harp performances, and purchase of sheet music.

Below is information relevant to the operation and awarding of grants.

The Grant Programme

The Harp Society is excited to be able to offer a grants programme to its members and encourages applications which will promote and expand the appreciation of the harp.

Who may apply for a grant?

Current financial members and life members of the Harp Society are eligible to apply for a grant. Grant recipients can be individuals, groups, or individuals on behalf of a group. Preference will be given to those who have been members for more than one full financial year.

What will grants be awarded for?

The Harp Society welcomes grant applications for projects or activities that will promote the harp. These may include performance, education, or awareness.  Applications may focus on celebrating the history of harping in New Zealand, providing opportunities for current harpers to excel, or laying the groundwork for the next generation of harpists.

Grants will not be awarded towards the purchase of an instrument for personal use, or towards the costs of the applicant's personal harp study.

What grants are available?

Dependent on available funds, the Harp Society would like to award a minimum of four (4) grants in any 12 month period. The Harp Society would like to award at least one (1) grant in any 12 month period to a member who is aged 18 years or under at the date of application. As a guideline, an amount of NZ$150 (inclusive of GST if applicable) per grant is envisaged for activities within New Zealand. The value of available grants for use primarily outside New Zealand will be determined on a case by case basis by the Grant Sub-Committee, in consultation with the Committee of the Harp Society at the time. 

Grants are not able to be considered for events, projects, or the like that have taken place prior to an application being made.

Who will make the decision on awarding the grant?

A Grant Sub-Committee will be formed to assess and award the grants. This Sub-Committee will comprise the current Harp Society President, one current Harp Society Committee member and a non-Committee Harp Society member who has recently been awarded a grant (or a second current Harp Society Committee member if a recent grant recipient is not available). Members of the Grant Sub-Committee are not eligible for a grant in the grant period they are on the Sub-Committee. The decisions of the Grant Sub-Committee will be final.

How do I apply for a grant?

Follow the link below to complete the online form to apply for a grant. Alternatively a hard copy form may be requested from the President or Treasurer of the Harp Society. The information required to complete the form will include: contact details of the applicant; a brief description of the purpose of the grant requested; the grant amount requested; the timeframe for the intended purpose of the grant; and a description of the anticipated benefit to the New Zealand harp community.

Apply for a Grant

Is there a closing date for the grant application?

Grant applications are welcome at any time. There are no specific timeframes set for receiving applications. The Grant Sub-Committee will aim to consider each application within a month of receipt. If circumstances arise outside the control of the Grant Sub-Committee that would delay a response, this will be communicated to the applicant. 

When will decisions be made about the awarding of grants?

The decision on a grant application(s), whether successful or not, will be advised by email or post as soon as possible after the Grant Sub-Committee has met to review the application. Where an applicant is unsuccessful, the Grant Sub-Committee will, wherever possible, provide an explanation as to the reason a grant was not awarded.

How will grant funds be paid?

All grant funds will be paid electronically to a New Zealand bank account. At the time the grant recipient(s) is advised of their successful application, they will also be asked to provide bank account details for the transfer of the grant funds. The transfer will be actioned within five (5) working days of receiving bank details from the grant recipient.

What happens if the grant is not used for the purpose it was given?

In the event that the purpose for which the grant was awarded does not eventuate or changes significantly, this must be communicated with the Harp Society President. The opportunity will be given to the grant recipient to outline an alternate purpose. The Grant Sub-Committee will make a decision on the alternate purpose as promptly as possible. If no alternative is available, the grant is required to be repaid to the Harp Society.

What happens if a portion of the grant received is not used?

Any unused portion of the grant funds is required to be repaid to the Harp Society.

What expectation is there on grant recipients?

Where practicable, the Harp Society is to be recognised as a supporter in any publicity for the recipient’s event. As the stated criteria for the awarding of grants is the promotion of harp, individual recipients must be willing to share their learning and/or experience gained through the grant with the New Zealand harp community. This could include an article in the Harp Journal, a performance, or presentation of a tutorial to Harp Society members.

Apply for a Grant

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