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Music Theory Links

 Ricci Adams' Music Theory

This is a really nice website covering many aspects of music theory, including lessons and quizzes.  For those taking exams you may find this a very useful resource as a way to further prepare. 


Another comprehensive Music Theory site.  

My Music Theory

Free online music theory lessons and exercises following the ABRSM syllabus for grades one through six.


Dolmetsch music theory is the most in-depth music theory website I have seen. I don’t recommend jumping straight into Dolmetsch if you are studying up to grade 5 music theory, because you will risk getting out of your depth pretty quickly.   Interactive major and minor scales, circle of fifths and so much more.

Interactive Circle of fifths  Allows students to see keys with their chord and scale families in action.

RowyNet Composition and Theory 

Want to explore writing your own song, take a look at Music Theory for Songwriters 

My Harps Delight Music Theory and Improvisation.

FlashCards: free printable flash cards for notes, rests, dynamics, intervals, tempo markings and more. 

VCU Music Theory:  download practice work (and answer sheets!) on scales, intervals, triads, figured bass, harmonization of melodies, and much more.

Basic Jazz, free online music theory courses, play-along songs, etc.  

Basic Music Theory  Notes, Scales, Key Signatures, Intervals, Modes, Triad Chords, and the Circle of 5ths. 

Another basic music theory site, includes a scale generator and key identifier tool, also teaches basic chord progression. 

Making Music Fun:  Theory worksheets, colouring pages, games for rhythm and note names, and free sheet music.  

Online Games to help:

Some of the above sites include games, but here are some others:

Creating Music!:  A site designed to provide an environment for children to experience creative play in the creation of music, with the same ease they have been able to enjoy with toys, drawing tools, puppets, etc.  

Name that Note!:  Intended for ages 5 and up, three levels of play. 

Note Name & Rhythm Master:  Note naming and Rhythm games, there are also other resources, take a look around.

 Making Music Fun:  Theory worksheets, colouring pages, games for rhythm and note names, and free sheet music.  

Classics for Kids:  Provides free, accessible and fun materials to teachers and parents looking to help elementary school students benefit from the joys and rewards of music

Other Sites with great referals:

Arts On Line: Arts Online is the key professional resource for all arts educators in New Zealand.    A list of resources for music related items covering a broad range of topics, some are USA specific others a general.   Worth a look.  Makaela from the United States found our page and enjoyed some of the resources here and recommended this link as a thank you. 

If you find any links on these pages that are inappropriate or that no longer work please contact us.

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